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 ===== 2017-2018 ===== ===== 2017-2018 =====
 +==== Cloud PIE ====
 +**Authors:​** Rodrigo Crespo Cepeda (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
 +{{ people:​poletti:​cloudpie.jpg?​200|Rodrigo Crespo Cepeda }}
 +**Context:​** Master in Computer Science (UCM).
 +**Description:​** It has not been that long since the creation of the first computers and communication networks. However, in the recent years, the rapid evolution of technology and its great acceptance by the general public, has motivated the creation of infrastructure as a service in the cloud providers.
 +The growing mass of cloud computing services has caused infrastructure providers to experience a shortage of resources that affects consumers directly, making it necessary to create SLAs for assurance. This has influenced the increase of research in new techniques for resource use optimization.
 +Cloud PIE is a proactive and intelligent ecosystem in the cloud, whose main goal is to ensure the availability of resources for cloud services in the most efficient way possible. For this purpose, it is composed by a series of modules, in the form of microservices,​ that allow it to make intelligent decisions about the possible mutations that must be applied to the system.
 +Cloud PIE uses a rules based system for decision making, infrastructure management and hardware and software data monitoring tools, as well as a module that allows it to evolve its knowledge, to make more accurate and adjusted decisions based on the deployed services.
 +In this way, Cloud PIE becomes an effective technology for automated, intelligent and proactive management of cloud infrastructure resources for heterogeneous services, as a innovative idea to solve the mentioned problem.
 ==== Cypher as a Service ==== ==== Cypher as a Service ====
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