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 +<​html><​div id="​bib">​
 +<p> <h1> Hi04euromicro</​h1>​
 + <​p><​span class="​BibAuthor">​M.A. de Miguel, M.T. Higuera-Toledano</​span>​. <span class="​BibInProceedingsTitle">​Runtime Management of Quality Specification for QoS-Aware Components</​span>​. In <span class="​BibInProceedingsBooktitle">​30th EUROMICRO Conference</​span>,​ Pages 84-91, 2004.</​P><​p>​
 +<a name="​abstract"></​a><​h2>​ Abstract ​ </h2> <​P> ​
 +Currently, the interface description languages in component infrastructures provides support for the description of functional properties, and structures such as deployment descriptors provide support to configure some specific extra-functional aspects (e.g. persistence,​ security, transactions). But the infrastructures do not provide support for the description and management of general QoS (e.g. latencies, reliability,​ and availability). Currently there are available some approaches to solve this problem. We propose some solutions to integrate the QoS specification of model driven approaches and infrastructures for components. The component reuses this information for QoS management purposes. In our approach, QoS-aware models and infrastructures use compatible QoS specification languages. In component infrastructures,​ basic structures such as containers are good candidates to integrate the QoS management tasks (e.g. negotiation,​ adaptation and monitoring). Management tasks access to QoS repository to get information,​ evaluate expressions,​ and test monitored values. The QoS specification repository handles the QoS information and provides some basic operations (e.g. evaluation of constraints and introspection for adaptation)<​p>​
 + <a name="​keyword"></​a>​ <​h2>​Keyword</​h2> ​ <p>[ <a href="/​doku.php?​id=publications:​keyword:​java">​Java</​a>​ ] 
 +<a name="​contact"></​a><​h2>​ Contact ​ </h2> <​P> ​
 +<a href="​mailto:​mthiguer@fdi.ucm.es">​Maria Teresa ​ Higuera-Toledano</​a> ​ <a href="/​teresa">​ <img src="/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​w=&​h=&​cache=cache&​media=html_icon.png"​ align=top border=0 alt =""></​a><​br> ​
 +<a name="​bib"></​a><​h2>​ BibTex Reference ​ </h2> <​P> ​
 +@InProceedings{Hi04euromicro,​ <​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Author = {de Miguel, M.A. and Higuera-Toledano,​ M.T.},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Title = {Runtime Management of Quality Specification for QoS-Aware Components},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​BookTitle = {30th EUROMICRO Conference},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Pages = {84--91},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Year = {2004}<​br>​} <​br><​p>​
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