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 +<​html><​div id="​bib">​
 +<p> <h1> SaGM09iske</​h1>​
 + <​p><​span class="​BibAuthor">​G.P. Santos, L. Garmendia, R.S. Montero, V. Lopez</​span>​. <span class="​BibInProceedingsTitle">​Fuzzy System to Evaluate Resources Reliability in a Grid Environment</​span>​. In <span class="​BibInProceedingsBooktitle">​4th International ISKE Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering</​span>,​ Pages 357-362, 2009.</​P><​p>​
 +<a name="​abstract"></​a><​h2>​ Abstract ​ </h2> <​P> ​
 +Job scheduling in Computational Grids is a complex task because of the lack of control over the resources. Under these conditions, it is impossible to know exactly which host will perform better for a given job. On the other hand, fuzzy systems have demonstrated in recent years to behave well in this kind of situations, with imprecision,​ incomplete information or a lack of an exact model of the optimization space. In this paper we present a fuzzy system, built on top of the GridWay meta-scheduler,​ to evaluate the reliability of each candidate resource. This information is used by GridWay to choose the resource where the job will be dispatched<​p>​
 + <a name="​keyword"></​a>​ <​h2>​Keyword</​h2> ​ <p>[ <a href="/​doku.php?​id=publications:​keyword:​grid">​Grid</​a>​ ] 
 +<a name="​contact"></​a><​h2>​ Contact ​ </h2> <​P> ​
 +<a href="​mailto:​rubensm@dacya.ucm.es">​Ruben S.  Montero</​a> ​ <a href="/​doku.php?​id=people:​ruben">​ <img src="/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​w=&​h=&​cache=cache&​media=html_icon.png"​ align=top border=0 alt =""></​a><​br> ​
 +<a name="​bib"></​a><​h2>​ BibTex Reference ​ </h2> <​P> ​
 +@InProceedings{SaGM09iske,​ <​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Author = {Santos, G.P. and Garmendia, L. and Montero, R.S. and Lopez, V.},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Title = {Fuzzy System to Evaluate Resources Reliability in a Grid Environment},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​BookTitle = {4th International ISKE Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Pages = {357--362},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Publisher = {World Scientific},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Year = {2009}<​br>​} <​br><​p>​
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