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 +<​html><​div id="​bib">​
 +<p> <h1> VjMRMiOeOsJmSjMa12Rtmpscf</​h1>​
 + <​p><​span class="​BibAuthor">​J.L. Vazquez-Poletti,​ R. Moreno-Vozmediano,​ I.M. Llorente, E. Oliveros, S. Ortega, M. Jimenez, J. Soriano, A. Menychtas</​span>​. <span class="​BibInBookTitle">​Reducing Time to Market with the Platform as a Service Cloud of the Future</​span>​. In <span class="​BibInBookBooktitle">​European Research Activities in Cloud Computing</​span>,​ J.L. Vazquez-Poletti (Eds.) D. Petcu (ed.), Chap. 12, <span class="​BibPublisher">​Cambridge Scholar Publishing</​span>,​ 2012.</​P><​p>​
 +<a name="​abstract"></​a><​h2>​ Abstract ​ </h2> <​P> ​
 +Cloud computing is essentially changing the way services are built, provided and consumed. Despite simple access to Clouds, building elastic services is still an elitist domain and proprietary technologies are an entry barrier especially to SMEs and consequently,​ it remains largely within the domain of established PLAYERS. This chapter will explain how the 4CaaSt project will bring significant benefits to the developers of cloud-scale applications to the European economy, by providing an easy to use Platform for a more competitive environment,​ greatly simplifying design and delivery of tailored services and compositions<​p>​
 + <a name="​keyword"></​a>​ <​h2>​Keywords </h2> <p> [ <a href="/​doku.php?​id=publications:​keyword:​cloud">​Cloud</​a>​ ] [ <a href="/​doku.php?​id=publications:​keyword:​4caast">​4caast</​a>​ ] 
 +<a name="​contact"></​a><​h2>​ Contact ​ </h2> <​P> ​
 +<a href="​mailto:​jlvazquez@fdi.ucm.es">​Jose Luis  Vazquez-Poletti</​a> ​ <a href="/​jlvazquez">​ <img src="/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​w=&​h=&​cache=cache&​media=html_icon.png"​ align=top border=0 alt =""></​a><​br> ​
 +<a href="​mailto:​rmoreno@dacya.ucm.es">​Rafael ​ Moreno-Vozmediano</​a> ​ <a href="/​doku.php?​id=people:​moreno">​ <img src="/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​w=&​h=&​cache=cache&​media=html_icon.png"​ align=top border=0 alt =""></​a><​br> ​
 +<a href="​mailto:​llorente@dacya.ucm.es">​Ignacio M.  Llorente</​a> ​ <a href="/​llorente">​ <img src="/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​w=&​h=&​cache=cache&​media=html_icon.png"​ align=top border=0 alt =""></​a><​br> ​
 +<a name="​bib"></​a><​h2>​ BibTex Reference ​ </h2> <​P> ​
 +@InCollection{VjMRMiOeOsJmSjMa12Rtmpscf,​ <​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Author = {Vazquez-Poletti,​ J.L. and Moreno-Vozmediano,​ R. and Llorente, I.M. and Oliveros, E. and Ortega, S. and Jimenez, M. and Soriano, J. and Menychtas, A.},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Title = {Reducing Time to Market with the Platform as a Service Cloud of the Future},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​BookTitle = {European Research Activities in Cloud Computing},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​editor = {D. Petcu, J.L. Vazquez-Poletti (Eds.)},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Chapter= {12},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Publisher = {Cambridge Scholar Publishing},<​br>&​nbsp;&​nbsp;&​nbsp;​Year = {2012}<​br>​} <​br><​p>​
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