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Systems Research for Data-Intensive Science in the Cloud

The DSA (Distributed Systems Architecture) Research Group at Complutense University of Madrid conducts research in cloud systems for data-intensive use cases. Cloud computing will become the main platform for Big Data analytics and High Performance Computing within a few years. While Big Data deals with the collection, cleaning, integration and analysis of massive amounts of data, whether unstructured or structured, High Performance Computing provides the large-scale parallel processing power required to extract value from Big Data.

Open Research Lines

The huge amount of data generated, the speed at which it is produced, and its heterogeneity in terms of format, represent a challenge to the current storage, computing and communication infrastructure capabilities that support the implementation of data analysis algorithms. The research group addresses the infrastructure platform challenges of large-scale, distributed cloud environments in the efficient and scalable execution of compute- and data-intensive applications.

  • Data-centric cloud architectures
  • Cloud computing for edge analytics
  • Distributed cloud computing
  • Federated cloud networking
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) clouds

More information about the open research lines in the Research Activities web page.

Our Experience

Since 2002, our research group has performed pioneering and leading work in the field of large-scale distributed systems for compute- and data-intensive applications.

  • Participation in more than 10 European Union funded projects with an overall budget of over €100M and a direct budget assigned to the research group of over €5M, being the UCM research group with the largest budget funded by the European Union.
  • Leadership roles in flagship European projects like RESERVOIR, main European project in cloud computing federation, and BEACON, main European project in federated cloud networking.
  • Founder of several open-source projects, like OpenNebula that was the first open-source cloud management platform and now has several hundreds of users in industry and research. Some of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world, like the BlackBerry cloud with 300,000 cores and 16 data centers, run OpenNebula as their cloud management platform.
  • Founder of standards groups, like OGF Working Group on Cloud Computing Interface.
  • Participation in the main workshops, conferences and journals in the field
  • Collaborations with leading international research centers like NASA Langley, Berkeley Lab and Harvard University, and companies, like IBM, Telefonica and Microsoft.

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