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 ===== 2018-2019 ===== ===== 2018-2019 =====
 +==== Deployment of Blockchain technology in Serverless infrastructure ====
 +**Author:** Daniel Ortiz Sánchez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
 +{{ people:​poletti:​serverlessblockchain.jpg?​100|Daniel Ortiz Sánchez }}
 +**Context:​** Master in Computer Science (UCM).
 +**Description:​** This project deals with two new technologies that, a priori, should not have anything in common. On the one hand, we have the blockchain technology. At a time when corruption and transparency are two issues that are present every day, studying a technology that treats them fully becomes very stimulating. On the other hand, the author’s career has led him to work building web applications,​ architectures and microservices. Encouraged by the director of this project, the more he discovered about cloud platforms and possibilities such as lambda functions, the more he believes that the future is to go in that direction. It was necessary to verify if both technologies could be combined and benefit.
 ==== Chronos ==== ==== Chronos ====
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