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 ===== 2019-2020 ===== ===== 2019-2020 =====
 +==== Ámesos ====
 +**Authors:​** Mario de los Santos Sainz and Raúl Fernández Guardia (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
 +{{ people:​poletti:​amesos.png?​200|Mario de los Santos Sainz and Raúl Fernández Guardia }}
 +**Context:​** Degree in Video Game Development (UCM).
 +**Description:​** Ámesos is an application capable of deploying and closing on-demand game servers in data processing centers closest to clients, which will cause, when clients connect to these servers, a decrease in ping that will lead to a better gaming experience for the players.
 ==== Sentinel ==== ==== Sentinel ====
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