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-<​html><​div><​p style="​color:#​32425D;​ font-size:​18pt;​ font-weight:​bold;​ border-top:​1px solid #32425D; border-bottom:​1px solid #​32425D;">​ Publications </​p></​div></​html>​ 
-Our ongoing research is focused on **advanced distributed computing and virtualization technologies for large-scale infrastructures and resource provisioning platforms**,​ being involved in several research and development initiatives in **Cloud Computing**. ​ 
-The following lists of **selected publications** since the foundation of the group in 2002 include our main contributions in the research fields: 
-    * [[publications:​grid:​applications | Application Porting on Distributed Infrastructures]] 
-    * [[publications:​grid:​utility | Grid and Utility Computing]] 
-    * [[publications:​grid:​virtualization | Cloud Computing and Virtualization]] 
-    * [[publications:​java | Real-Time Java]] 
-    * [[publications:​networks | Advanced Network Services for Grid Environments]] 
-Additionally,​ the members of** the group have participated in several conferences,​ seminaries and tutorials**. Please visit [[http://​www.gridway.org/​doku.php?​id=outreach:​outreach | GridWay ]] and [[ http://​www.opennebula.org/​doku.php?​id=outreach | OpenNebula ]] Outreach pages for more information. 
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